NEEDED: Narrator for short documentary film

Opportunity to be involved in a short documentary film about Italian immigrants to the UK following WWII.

A young filmmaker is looking for an individual who can speak both English and Italian fluently to narrate a short film about Italian Immigration. It is essential he/she does not have an Italian accent. Both men and women are encouraged to apply. Those from an older generation would be preferred (although younger people, if interested, should not be dissuaded from applying). No previous experience is necessary.

No time will be spent in front of a camera – this is just a narration (audio only). The filmmaker envisages the recording taking no longer than 6 hours (on 2 separate days). A suitable time and place will be arranged, and he is prepared to travel if necessary. There is little funding for the project, but pay will be fair and is negotiable.

The film itself looks at the relationship post-war Italian immigrants had with their adopted home, and explores the erosion of Italian cultural behaviours/values in both the UK and Italy. It makes extensive use of archive footage from both countries.

Please email the filmmaker directly if there are any questions (details below).

Interested applicants should, in the first instance, just email to acknowledge their interest. The filmmaker will then get in touch to discuss things further.

Matteo Mastrandrea –