On Route presents


By Alessandro Baricco

At Etcetera Theatre, 265 Camden High St, London, NW1 7BU

For the Camden Fringe Festival 2013

On 24 and 25 August at 9pm

Performed in English and Italian

Ticket £7.50


Known to the international audience thanks its screen adaptation The Legend of 1900 Baricco’s play Novecento is now performed on stage as part of the Camden Fringe Festival 2013.

“He had no country, he had no date of birth, he had no family…officially he had never been born”

Found as a new-born baby on the ocean liner SS Virginian, Novecento encounters the world through the eyes of immigrants, abandoned lovers and fellow musicians – all in search of a new beginning. On this ship all these worlds collide and Novecento becomes the legendary pianist you can only hear once you have left the shore.

Set roughly between the early 1920s and the late 1940s, the show combines elements of story-telling, physical theatre and cabaret in a captivating tale of abandoned dreams, choices and music.

The transitional atmosphere aboard the ship, where people meet in a hybrid space between leaving behind and starting anew is recreated on stage. Temporary encounters between different cultures and classes are reminiscent of the atmosphere in a cosmopolitan place such as London. A perfect fit for the international and intercultural flair of the Camden Fringe Festival.

We work with a team of English and Italian native speakers using the original text and the translation. Even though the show will predominantly be performed in English, it is very important for us to maintain a sense of its original sound.