Was it the beginning or the end?
I wasn’t sure to understand.
Looking down for a while
I thought “I’m gonna cry”,
But a jingle from one side
Made me look up for one night
And instead I laughed and smiled.
Then I walked away from there,
Concentrating on who you were,
Trying to figure out your words
And their meaning in my world.
Endless efforts to fade it out,
It’s just a memory and I wanted to shout.
Not to put ourselves on show,
But for everyone to know.
So I was about to cry,
To cry out why you lied,
Why you lied with so much passion,
All our feelings in discussion.
Then I looked up in the sky
And again I laughed and smiled.

In teoria volevo scrivere un testo per una canzone, in pratica e’ venuta fuori questa… Comunque sono solo al primo tentativo… Prima o poi ci riusciro’, I’m confident! Help me please!!!