As promised many times before, here is my uncensored illustrated guide to making a Tiramisu. All the gory detail has been kindly photographed by my flatmate Mathieu.

Gangsta’ cooking…

Recipe protocol dictates I should start with a listing the ingredients, and who am I to argue?

750g of Mascarpone
4 eggs
Loads of sponge biscuits
200g of sugar
2 mugs of coffee
2 glasses of Rum
Powder chocolate.

Firstly I separate the whites from the yolks of the eggs.

Then add the sugar to the eggs and beat…


… till you get a lovely uniform yellowy thingy… Then it’s time to add the Mascarpone.


And mix the whole thing further, blessing electric food appliances… Thinking they used to do all this by hand!


Remember the egg whites? They need serious beating as well… till you get a sort of nice big foam…


And add it to the whole mixture… I discovered not long ago that you really cannot shortcut this step. Beating the shit out of the whites separatly adds softness to the whole cream.


And admire this fine-looking cream…


Phase 2

The coffee is brewed, the strongest the better. Credit fully goes to Mathieu for the coffee making…


Pour some rum in a container. Some do it without any alcohol but I find it adds a character to the cream. And it also means that one brand of religious people can’t have any 😉


And here is where all the countless hours playing Tetris come handy. We quickly dip the songe buiscuits in the coffee or in the rum (2 coffee biscuits for one rum) and neatly place them in a tray.


Spread the cream on top…


…and add another layer…


Add a third layer, and recover the top with cream and here is your Tiramisu.


Make sure you leave it in the fridge for at least 24 hours and sprinkle it with the chocolate powder before serving. Then invite over the girls…