Dal 10 aprile al 31 maggio il BFI di Southbank propone una retrospettiva sul grande regista Bertolucci. Ecco i film in programma:

16 Apr 15:20 NFT1
22 Apr 14:30 NFT1
23 Apr 15:00 NFT1
Bernardo Bertolucci’s political epic about Italy in the first half of the 20th Century.

Before the Revolution
• 10 April – 5 May
Bernardo Bertolucci explores the emotional and personal conflicts within a young man in his brilliantly assured second film.

Bertolucci’s Style, or Where Should the Camera Be?
14 Apr 18:10 NFT3
David Thompson looks at ways in which Bertolucci’s visual style has changed and evolved in over 40 years of film-making.

8 May 20:45 NFT1
14 May 16:15 NFT1
28 May 18:10 NFT3
Chamber piece about the relationship between an English composer-pianist and his young African housekeeper.

The Cinema According to Bertolucci + Italian Traveller
17 Apr 15:40 NFT2
20 Apr 20:20 NFT3
A pair of documentaries offering insight into the life and career of Bernardo Bertolucci.

The Conformist
14 Apr 20:45 NFT1
21 Apr 17:50 NFT1
30 Apr 20:45 NFT1
A haunted and uptight man commits himself to fascism by murdering his former professor.

The Dreamers
6 May 18:10 NFT1
26 May 18:20 NFT1
31 May 20:40 NFT1
A young trio embark on an erotic adventure in 1968 Paris.

The Grim Reaper
10 Apr 15:30 NFT2
12 Apr 20:40 NFT2
18 Apr 18:00 NFT1
Bernardo Bertolucci’s first feature follows a police investigation into the murder of a prostitute.

The Last Emperor
1 May 19:50 NFT1
7 May 14:50 NFT1
10 May 19:50 NFT1
Bernardo Bertolucci’s sweeping epic combines political intrigue with Freudian drama.

Last Tango in Paris
17 Apr 20:20 NFT1
19 Apr 18:10 NFT1
24 Apr 20:30 NFT1
Bernardo Bertolucci explores an anonymous sexual affair between an embittered American and a spoilt young Parisian.

Little Buddha
2 May 18:00 NFT1
13 May 20:30 NFT1
21 May 20:30 NFT1
The third film in Bernardo Bertolucci’s ‘exotic trilogy’.

La Luna
21 Apr 20:10 NFT1
25 Apr 17:40 NFT1
28 Apr 17:50 NFT1
Controversial tale of the incestuous relationship between a mother and son.

Once Upon a Time… Last Tango in Paris
28 May 15:20 NFT2
31 May 18:00 NFT2
A selection of engaging documentary portraits of Bernardo Bertolucci.

11 Apr 20:40 NFT2
19 Apr 20:40 NFT1
24 Apr 18:00 NFT1
Bizarre and compelling adaptation of Dostoyevsky’s The Double.

The Sheltering Sky
2 May 15:10 NFT1
8 May 15:40 NFT1
15 May 18:00 NFT1
An inseparable but unhappy American couple embark on a voyage around Mexico.

The Spider’s Stratagem
13 Apr 20:50 NFT1
17 Apr 18:15 NFT1
28 Apr 20:50 NFT1
A young man retraces his father’s life in a small town where he was celebrated as a hero killed by Fascists.

Stealing Beauty
2 May 20:40 NFT1
21 May 18:00 NFT1
22 May 20:40 NFT1
A young girl discovers the secret of her parentage over a sultry summer in Tuscany.

Tragedy of a Ridiculous Man
1 May 17:20 NFT1
3 May 20:40 NFT1
14 May 20:40 NFT1
A wealthy dairy farmer’s Oedipal conflict with his son comes to a head when the latter is kidnapped.

La via del petrolio
10 Apr 17:50 NFT2
15 Apr 20:15 NFT2
Television documentary by Bernardo Bertolucci about the extraction and distribution of oil.

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