Here we are, 2 weeks to go to another xmas and yet another end of the year to celebrate and no, the world won’t end in 2012. I know, it’s disappointing somehow… but that’s life I guess.

Recession is meant to be over now. I have been skint before, during and after it, it has not made much of a difference in the little sheltered life of a simple west end receptionist, but I enjoyed not spending money because of the credit crunch as I now much enjoy spending that little bit extra because it says it’s over in the Metro.

2009 has been a bit of a year for me, many sad things happened unfortunately, but I won’t talk about them here, what I want to talk about is something long overdue in my blog.
Everything started when I went to see a show of a famous English “mentalist” called Derren Brown. Many of you italianialondra readers won’t know him and I also barely knew who he was when, out of curiosity, I went to see one of his shows in Reading last May.

Well, I won’t tell exactly what happened, because it’ll be too long to explain, but I somehow managed to get hypnotized and did some automatic writing unconsciously on a stage in front of more than 1000 people.
Now, I do not believe in magic, I never did and I never will and I never believed in hypnotism or inducted somnambulism or what ever you won’t to call it.
What mostly annoyed me was realizing how massively susceptible I was.
I had to make things right straight away and all that looking for answers had a big impact on how I see things now.

As I don’t believe until I see, after experiencing something like that myself, I now had to find a plausible explanation on what exactly happened in that theatre.

A theatre show opened me to a world of geniality.

Soon after the show, I read Derren Brown’s book and that was bit of an obvious things to do, but I came across an other name, Andy Nyman, who co-writes his shows. I realized Andy Nyman also wrote a great TV series called Dead Set, which I much enjoyed watching before all this happened. If you want to see some of his “stuff”, don’t miss his new show, Ghost Stories
I then discovered another little genius called Richard Wiseman, who wrote an amazing book called 59 secs. I strongly suggest to everyone to read it.
I subscribed to a magazine called the Skeptic Mag, I read a book by Richard Dawkins called The God Delusion and also another one by Charlie Brooker.
Finally, I had 2 tickets for Live at the Apollo where I discovered a great new comedian called Chris Addison. Chris Addison has a type of humour very much like mine one and guess what, he is learning Italian, which makes him even more likeable.
I joined twitter and found out that all these people are kind of linked to each other… great mind thinks alike probably…

My 2009 was absorbed by all these reading and looking for answers to my million questions and I just loved it.
If you are interested in seeing some of these “great minded” people in an unique xmas show, don’t miss

Merry xmas my beloved readers, may the Knowledge be with you!