1st December 2009.
Today I read this status on someone’s facebook: “do not take our crucifix off the walls or we take off your hands…”
I HAD to reply to it so I put this comment: “your religion is your one, but for democracy, if in a class the majority does not want it, it’s fair to take it off the wall.”
Someone else replied saying: “Go to ‘Arab countries’ and see what they do…’
Now, as I do not reply to ignorants, I would have left it there, if the person who posted the status in the first place wouldn’t have added: “Neda, remember that we are in Italy, somewhere else you can do what you want, but here the crucifix represent us….”
I feel sorry for Italy.
School should be State school and not religious school. State education should not influence your religious believes. This is what I think and I stand by it.
Italy is a state not a religion, as Arab countries do not mean Muslim countries… In fact, I am not even sure what the guy meant with his sentence.
He added: “ I have to respect what you say for politeness because you are Muslim…”
Since when, does someone have to respect someone else for politeness??
And there I lost it…
First of all, being from a Muslim upbringing does not necessary make me a Muslim; being born in Italy does not make me a Catholic; as a matter of fact I’m agnostic.
On the other side, I am glad I do not live in a bigot country, long life to the UK.
Sometimes Italy reminds me of one of this glass ball that you turn upside down to make it snow… It’s a beautiful illusion.
The facebook debate has carried on with various insults to non-catholic religions from very ignorant people.
I left them to their own despair; life is too short to be upset.