La band italiana d-Apes Collective di Perugia si esibirà al teatro Wilton’s di Tower Hill il 5 aprile proponendo le poesie di William Blake riadattate in reggae e accompagnate da video clips.

William Blake’s Fearful Symmetry
Dates:05th April 2012 – 05th April 2012
Times: Doors 7:30pm, 8pm start
Prices: £12
Food: t.b.c

d-Apes Collective + Re-Building Collective

Abandoning the live drumset in favour of drum machines and samplers, the sound of d-Apes
Collective introduces a strong electronic flavour to the Jamaican musical heritage of reggae and
dub. d-Apes are a loosely-assembled five-piece band currently based in Perugia, Italy.
They regularily perform alongside multimedia projects involving other artistic partners.

With d-Apes, the Re-Building Collective will be producing a site specific digital live art display,
using 3D mapping to match the music to the historic architecture of Wilton’s. A project titled William
Blake’s Fearful Symmetry, this audio/visual experience is inspired by Blake’s poems and will to
invite the listener/viewer into a new world with a long story behind.